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Signs Insulated Glass In Your Home Need Repair

  June 21, 2018

Insulated glass also known as double-pane glass comprises of two sheets of glass with a metal strip. This glass is quite popular amongst homeowners for their multiple benefits like solar light control, light transmission, UV rays protection, noise control, protection against heat and cold, and fading control. Moreover, these window glasses are long lasting. However, over time, the functionalities decline but, the good news is some of them can be improved with a repair.

How can you decide when should you repair the insulated glass in your home? In this blog, we are going to share some signs with you that will inform you that your glass needs repair.

High Electricity Bill

If your use of electricity is the same, but your electricity bill amount is consistently increasing then this may be an indication that you should have the insulated glass in your home checked to know if they need repair.

Condensation & Fog

Insulated glass can efficiently deal with condensation and fog. But, over time, this capacity is affected.When you start noticing condensation and fogs between the glass panes, you should approach a glass repair expert. When you look at the glass, it will seem that the fog or condensation exists on the outer layer, but when you see it carefully or see it during the daytime, then you will discover it between the panes.


If you notice mist between your glass panes, then that is an indication that your glass needs repair.

If you notice these signs over time, then you should contact an expert to have your insulated glass repaired. If you are in Surrey, then you should contact us. We provide glass repair in Surrey with quality service and quality price assurance. We will inspect the glass and provide you with the best solution.

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