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4 Common Glass Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

  June 8, 2018

When it comes to cleaning the glasses of our windows and doors, we need to be extra careful. Cleaning glass is not tricky, but most people who consider glass cleaning too easy make several mistakes that affect the shine and life of the glass. In this blog, we are going to inform you about some common mistakes that many people make that you should avoid:

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Don’t Clean Glass When It Is Dry

You should not try to clean the glass when the glass is dry because the dust particles on the cloth may result in scratches and make it prone to damages in the future. To avoid any damage to your glass, you should use a moist soft duster. You may use a wet sponge as well.

Don’t Be Harsh

Your glass cannot afford a vigorous and harsh cleaning approach. You should be gentle while cleaning A gentle approach is recommended to prevent scratches.

Don’t Clean the Glass with Detergent or Soap

You should not use a detergent powder, cake, liquid, or toilet soap. This will damage the glass coating. Instead, you should use a glass cleaner of good quality.

Don’t Use Dry Cloth, Paper Towels, Or Tissues

You should not use dry cloth pieces, paper towels or tissues to clean the glass of your windows or doors. These items have crude surfaces that can result in scratches to your glass. Instead, use microfibers.

Avoiding these above mentioned mistakes and following the recommended suggestions, will ensure damage-free cleaning of window and door glasses. If you notice any issues with your glass, then you should simply contact a glass expert.

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