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Category: Residential Glass Repair Surrey

Why Should You Take Residential Window Glass Repair Service For Your Damaged Window?

November 14, 2019

Glass windows are an important part of every home. They not only allow freshair and natural light in houses but also increase their curb appeal. With so many advantages, they have a drawback as well – they are prone to damages. Extreme weather conditions such as storm and hailstones [...]

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Should You Hire a Professional for Residential Glass Repair?

September 23, 2019

Someone rightly said, “home is where you hang your hat”. You do everything you can to maintain curb appeal. Who doesn’t like to keep their home in tip-top shape? But if you have a broken glass window that curb appeal will go away. Even a simple crack can make [...]

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Get Your Broken Window Glass Repaired by a Professional

July 16, 2019

No homeowner can afford to have  windows with shattered glass, for various reasons. Not only will it spoil the look of your entire house in Surrey, but it can also cause injuries to you and your loved ones. You care about the place you live in, so broken or [...]

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