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Do-It-Yourself Steps to Replace Broken Window Glass

  January 23, 2018

Here are some do-it-yourself, or DIY, steps to replace broken window glass.

Replace Broken Window Glass

1. Remove the broken glass

Remove the broken glass from the window pane with a putty knife,wood chisel, or jackknife. Don’t forget to put on gloves, because if the glass breaks while you are removing it, you may injure your hands.

2. Eliminate the putty completely

Once you remove the glass, clean the frame in a way so that the old putty is completely removed. To eliminate the stubborn putty, you can use a blow dryer to heat up and melt the putty so that you can easily clean it out. When you are done, you can make the frame smooth with a chisel or a knife.

3. Apply linseed oil

Apply this oil to the frame and wait until it dries. Why? The linseed oil increases the life of the putty. The linseed oil on the frame increases the life of the putty oil, by protecting it from evaporation.

4. Apply the new putty

Now, you can apply the new putty in the window frame. Make sure the putty layer is thin, not thick. The putty will work as the cushion for the new glass and prevent air leaks.

5. Install the new glass

The glass must be of the exact size. If the glass is large, cut it to the right size with a glass cutter. Now, you should set the glass in the frame and then apply the putty in a way that it cannot allow the glass to fall out.

With these DIY steps, you can replace the broken window glass in your home. However, it is better not to do it yourself, use this information to understand the process only, because you are not a professional window repair expert, so you can make mistakes that may harm you physically or financially.

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