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Five Most Common Problems with Windows

  September 8, 2020

Windows make a house energy-efficient, protect it from the ultraviolet rays, storms, and other elements, provide it light and ventilation, and enhance its curb appeal. Despite being so crucial to a house, windows are often ignored. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their windows until they notice a problem with their windows.

Here are the five most common window problems.

Broken Window Panes

Broken window panes are quite visible. Nevertheless, many homeowners ignore them if they notice only outer panes are broken. They don’t think broken outer panes have any significant impact on their windows. However, the truth is, broken window panes can cause leaks. Your windows lose their energy efficiency because of leaks and you have to pay more as energy bills. Moreover, the damage will keep increasing if you ignore it. Thus, the problem will become expensive to fix.

Broken Seals

Due to the exposure to fluctuating temperatures and other elements, the window seals are broken over time. Seal failure causes condensation between the window panes. Most of the times, you need new windows because windows with condensation cannot be repaired. Gas is filled between the panes and that gas is leaked as the seal is broken.

Noise Penetration

If you experience much noise in your home than before and you experience the noise is coming through the windows, you should understand that your windows have lost their capacity to restrict noise from entering your home. The only solution is window replacement. When you call an expert in window & glass repair, they will recommend the best quality double or triple pane windows for your home based on its location.

Damaged Frames

As windows age, they become prone to fading, chipping, denting, warping, and rot. The problem starts as a small problem. If you contact an expert in glass and window repair immediately, the problem is fixed at quite less investment. But, if you ignore the problem, it grows and becomes expensive.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing Windows

You should be able to open and close your windows easily without applying force. If you have to use the power to open or close your windows, you should understand that there is a problem with your windows. This problem may occur because of debris buildups, warped frames, or broken window parts.

When you notice these problems, you should not delay in contacting an expert in glass and window repair.

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