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Five Signs Your Window Glass Has Not Been Rightly Installed

  July 24, 2018

The windows in your home allow holding the moon and the sun in your hand. At the same time, they allow proper ventilation, natural light to shine through your home, and they allow you to see the outdoors.

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Here are five signs to learn if you have received the right window installation service for your windows.

1.Window Panes Are Jammed

Window panes should open and close smoothly. If you face any difficulty while closing and opening them, it may be as a result of an incorrect installation. But, you cannot reach a conclusion immediately because rusted hinges or chipped frames may also be the reason behind the issue.

2. Window Leaks

Windows protect your home from severe weather and other environmental dangers. If you notice air and water are entering your home from the windows despite the fact thatthey are closed, this means they are leaking and it shows issues with the window installation.

3. Unusual Sounds

The windows should open and close silently with no voice. There are mainly two reasons behind the strange voices during opening and closing the windows. They havedamaged window frames and/orpoor window installation. You cannot ignore the unusual sounds because they can lead to further damage to the window.

4.Moving Window Parts

Over time, if you notice the window parts such as frames, panes, or hinges have displaced, you should have the window checked immediately. But, if your windows are new and the parts of the window move from their place, it shows a problem with the installation.

5.Window Stretches

If you notice the window has stretched from any side, then the window has not been correctly installed. You should have the issue fixed soon because this can lead to damage your windows.

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