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How Can You Prevent Bird’s from Colliding With Your Glass Windows?

  March 25, 2021

Many birds die per year due to collision with windows. This could be a threat to the bird population and can break your windows. So, if your house windows have been broken by bird collisions, then here we are going to address some ways that will help you to prevent future bird strikes. You can get residential glass repair and replacement services from experts like Shine Glass and Windows Ltd. to repair your broken or cracked glass.

First of all, let us focus on why birds hit your glass windows.

Why do birds hit your glass window?

Despite having exceptional eyesight, birds have a difficult time seeing glass. While flying, they see the reflection of plants and the sky in the glass window. Even at night, when the reflection is minimal on the glass window, the lighted windows can be disorienting to migrating birds. This may cause them to collide with skyscrapers or high residential buildings. They also collide with illuminated glass and glass walls.

Large windows and corner windows are most dangerous for the birds as they often lead to fatal collisions. The injured birds may suffer from internal hemorrhaging or brain swelling. To prevent these incidents from happening, here are some solutions. You can follow these tips so that your windows are more visible to birds, so they can avoidable them.

Solutions to prevent bird-window collisions

It is easy to prevent bird-window collisions, as there are some preventive measures you can opt for. These useful methods will provide the bird a better view of the windows, so they will not collide with the window glass.

  • To solve this problem of the collision, you can install interior blinds or window shutters and keep them partially closed to make them more visible.
  • Move your house plants that are placed on or next to your window sills, so that birds will not see them and try to land on them.
  • Install frosted or etched glass in your residential windows to prevent reflection.
  • You can also hang sheer curtains to minimize reflection.

So, these are some important points you can consider to minimize the chance of birds colliding with your window glass. If your glass gets broken, then you can get residential glass repair and replacement services for a newly installed window glass.

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