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How to Fix Mirror Scratches

  March 29, 2018

Mirrors add elegance to your home. They increase the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. This is the reason that demand for mirrors is consistently increasing.But, at the same time, a drawback associated with mirrors is that they are prone to scratches. Such scratches make the mirrors look unattractive, but they do not ruin the future potential of the mirrors. Their restoration is possible. In this blog, we are going to share some mirror restoration tips with you.

1. Rub the scratched mirror with traditional toothpaste. The scratch may disappear.Make sure you don’t use any gel-based toothpaste, because the ingredients in it may polish out the mirror and then you will have no other option than mirror replacement.

2. Cerium oxide that is generally used to polish jewelry can help you restore the mirror’s shine by eliminating the small scratches. Don’t use it directly. First, mix it with water and then apply to the scratched mirror.

3. Nail polish can hide the scratches. Apply clear nail polish to the scratched area.

4. Make a mixture of mustard and white vinegar. Then apply the mixture to the mirror. The solution will remove the small scratches.

5. You can use Dremel or any other rotating tool with an attached polishing disc. Polish the scratch to cover it.

Clean the mirror glass properly with a soft cloth before applying any method. These above-described tips can diminish small scratches only. If the scratch is major, you should not try these methods, but contact an expert mirror repair service provider.The expert will repair it if repair is possible, or they will recommend mirror replacement service.

We provide both mirror repair and replacement services with 100% satisfaction guarantee assurance. We give the best quality services at the best prices. So, if you are in Surrey and your mirror has been scratched, you can contact us immediately.

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