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How to Fix Some Common Problems with Your Sliding Patio Doors

  August 7, 2019

Sliding patio doors are immensely useful because they make getting in and out of the room comfortable. They also enhance the ambience of a room or backyard. However, despite being a great addition to your home, these doors occasionally have some issues and need repair or replacement. In this blog, we will discuss some most common problems with sliding patio doors.

Sticking is the most common problem with sliding patio doors. Many times, the patio sliding doors get stuck. Therefore, it is important to know how to fix your sticking sliding door. The good news is, it is not that difficult. You can efficiently fix it with the help of DIY tutorials and some necessary home tools. The first step begins with removing the sliding doors by lifting them up and swinging them out from the bottom. The very same process will be used to remove the top.

Once you remove the doors, you should inspect it to find the cause of the sticking. It can be anything from malfunctioning of the gliding system to the corrosion of the hardware or simply the door wheels have tightened up. Once you discover the problem, you can quickly determine how you should fix them. For example, if you find the doors to have tightened up, then you should loosen up the screws that keep the wheels in their place. However, you should do it gently, or the screws may break. If you notice the glides are not working correctly, you should replace them.Replacement glides are easily available. Take your old glides with you to buy the right glides for your door. Now, you should apply some lubricant on them and then fix them. Now, you should place back the door like before in the frame and it should all work fine.

A bad or broken seal is quite a common problem with sliding patio doors. Buy replacement seals that can deal with severe weather conditions. Following the earlier told method, you need to separate the door from the panes. Now, remove staples with the help of a screwdriver as well as pliers. Pull off the seals. Scrape off any remnants and adhesive with a putty knife. Attach the new seals to the sliding door as per the directions mentioned on its packet. Now, place the door in its place.

The next most common problem with sliding patio doors, is cracks in the glass. As dealing with glass can be harmful, you should never try to repair this yourself. Also, you should not procrastinate the task because cracks can spread fast and lead to a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Moreover, a cracked  patio door looks bad and reduces the security of your property. So, call an expert in patio door repair and replacement in Surrey. They will inspect your door and determine what the best thing to do.

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