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How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Office

  October 12, 2020

Sunlight is an important factor in your home’s design. The angle at which it enters, its strength, and what it passes through can all change your room’s appearance. Moreover, natural light can help in saving utility costs by reducing artificial light use. It brings out the beauty of fabrics and woodwork and can go a long way toward lifting your mood. So one way you can improve your space is with new windows; not only with residential window replacement, but with commercial window replacement for work environments.

Here are a few methods to boost and maximize the natural light in your spaces:

Select Light Color Palettes 

Light colors reflect light better than darker colors, helping to increase the natural light effect. On the ceiling, flat white paint is best suited with white walls, while a lighter ceiling color should be used with dark walls. In a small room, keep large furniture light in color and add contrast with pillows and smaller furnishings in brighter colors.

Get Creative With Windows

Windows are the key to getting light into a home. If your living room or kitchen is dim, a pair of new windows will help a lot. Change solid exterior doors with sliding glass or doors with matching sidelights, and change solid interior doors for light-transmitting French doors. Smaller specialty windows are great for lighting landings and stairwells.

Lighten up Window Treatments 

Avoid the use of an opaque window treatments; sheer draperies give privacy while allowing soft light into space. Venetian blinds are a flexible option for a recessed bay or bow window, as they can be opened to direct light to a particular part.

Pay Tricks with Mirrors 

By changing a mirror on the wall opposite a window, you can trick the eye into believing the room is larger, thanks to the light reflection and views. Use mirrors on cabinets and glass tabletops to provide an open feel to your room. Reflective surfaces such as glass tile can provide the impression of more light.

Design your Home Appearance With Shine Glass Windows 

Make sure to change or move shrubbery and trees that may block natural light from the entrance. For more tips on commercial window replacement, you can contact Shine Glass Windows to bring in maximum light and brighten your building’s appearance.

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