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Some Glass Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid For Their Long Use

  February 16, 2018

Have you recently installed new glasses in your commercial property? You must be thinking about best possible ways to maintain the shine of the glass so that you can use the glass for long.

Glass require a little extra maintenance and care. Even those that come at a premium price need special care. Cleaning glass is not difficult. But often, we end up making mistakes we are not aware of due to certain particularities that need to be followed.

Check out these little mistakes that we usually make while cleaning glass. If you avoid them, you will enjoy a longer life for your window and patio glass, door glass, storefront glass, shower door glass, tabletops, shelves and decorative glass, mirror glass and more.

Glass Cleaning

1. Never Use Detergents Or Soaps

You should not apply detergents or soaps to wash the glasses. The detergents and soaps comprise several harsh ingredients that can damage the glass coating and the shine of it. If you clean the glasses with the detergents and soaps, over time, you will notice the glasses have lost their appeal.

2. Don’t Wipe The Glasses When They Are Dry

You should not wipe the glass when the glass is dry. The dust accumulated on the glass results in scratches while wiping the glass. Once the glasses are scratched, they will lose their shine and the glass will become more prone to damage in the future. Instead, use a damp soft cloth for cleaning the glasses.

3. Don’t use paper towels and tissues

You should not use paper towels and tissues to clean the glasses. These items are soft but they have a crude surface. The surface can draw dust and scratch the glasses. Instead, use microfibers.

4. Deal Gently With The Glass

You need a completely different cleaning approach when it comes to cleaning the glass. You are supposed to be generous while dealing with it. Apply your hands very gently on the glass. However, you can be hard when it comes to clean the rub.

Avoiding these mistakes will keep the glasses in your property to remain scratch-free and shiny for long. So, you will be able to use them for longer. So, do avoid them. Plus, use only high quality and reliable glass cleaning product and use them only after reading the use related instructions given on the products.

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