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Why Should You Consider Impact Glass For Your Commercial Property?

  July 16, 2018

Impact glass, known as hurricane-resistant glass and storm-proof glass, is an excellent option to consider for any property. Many people avoid it because they are more focused on its price than its properties.Impact glass is the best choice for your commercial property we recommend you consider its feature rather than its price because you will save more than you will invest.

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Here are some of its primary advantages:

You Are Safe From Storm

Impact glass is built to with stand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and storms to protect you, your team, and your customers. If strong winds manage to break the capacity of the glass, the glass will break but it will not break into the indoor space with great force that can injure people. In any case we recommend that all present keep back from any window in extreme weather conditions. As an added bonus, you can add a shatter-resistant film that will prevent it from shattering.

Your property is safe from Intruders

Intruders love ordinary glass, but they hate impact glass, because impact glass is not easy to break. Where they can easily break the ordinary glass by hitting it with a big stone or attacking it with a bat/rod, they will have to put more effort and energy to break impact glass. Installing this glass to your commercial property will definitely deter intruders.

UV Rays Cannot Harm You

Where ultra-violet rays can easily penetrate ordinary glass, they fail to penetrate impact glass. The impact glass blocks almost 98% of transmitted UV rays from the sun. This protects you, your team and customers inside from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

You Save on Your Electricity Bills

In a few short months the impact glass returns the amount you invested in it because of its energy-efficiency component that cuts back on your electricity consumption which decreases your electricity bill.

By now you must have understood why we have recommended the impact glass for your commercial property. We provide specialized commercial glass repair and glass replacement services in Surrey at most competitive prices. Feel free to contact us.

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